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So many times a company is licensed but in ONLY in one area. An example is they might have a CR21 License but you want them to do a BBQ, fire pit, property walls, retaining walls, etc. This license does NOT allow them to perform this work. Allowing them to do this work, they are in violation of their license. If anything does go array, then you have limited recourse to recoup any of your money. Buyer beware is a common phrase used when it comes to this.  Please log on to and search for that company. Here you will find any violations, suspensions, how long they have been licensed and what they can specially and legally contract for.

During the downturn of the economy, a lot of companies went out of business. Owed a LOT of money to vendors and suppliers, and took money from homeowners without finishing the project. Now that the economy is thriving, these same companies/people are now back in business. If any company or individual asks for more than 5% of the contract up front to do your project…RUN! AZ Royal strongly believes in relationships. We work out a payment program up front with all our customers. Depending on the size of the project, we typically do not require ANY money till the project is completed.

Everyone knows Sales is a dirty word. Of course every company needs to make money or they will be out of business. However so many times a ‘sales’ person is only there for commissions so they really don’t have your best interest at hand. They end up using inferior products and talk you into something you do not need. AZ Royal does NOT pay sales commissions. We are a team Gain-Share company with one goal in mind: What is best for our customers. Therefore we listen and bring up options. We let you make the decision if you want to pay for something or not. We consult on the pros and cons on products or materials you would like. If it is important to you, then it is important to us!

This is the big one in the industry. A lot of companies are very vague on their estimates and contracts. They don’t call out specific materials or give you line item pricing. This is a red flag! When comparing estimates, if one estimate is higher (or lower), the questions needs to be asked. Example of that would be a boulder is a boulder. All suppliers charge by weight. So if a line item on one estimate has $80 for a boulder however another has $125, then the boulders are not the same. One is obviously bigger. But do you know that for sure? Get the apprx weight of the boulder you are getting. When it comes right down to it, all companies should be within 7% when comparing exact materials and products.

All successful companies have defined procedures to help their customers after the project has completed.  If a company or person states to just call the office or their cell, then that should raise a concern. That means they are only as good as…well them. So what happens if they are gone for a few weeks on vacation? AZ Royal has a defined process for submission, tracking, and communication to our customers in the event warranty is needed. To make sure they are taken care. After all, we ‘Build Customers for Life’.