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"Hi Mike! I think you already know my thoughts per the long letter I wrote to Mr. Robson about Craig's and our awesome experience with [...]


By |2017-03-08T23:52:36+00:00March 8th, 2017|Testimonials|

"Working with AZ Royal was a great experience from the very beginning. We were in a difficult spot because we were moving from Pennsylvania to [...]

Sharky and Leona

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"Recently Arizona Royal Landscaping and Design installed pavers to form an attractive patio in our backyard. we are thrilled with its appearance and functional design. [...]

Pete and Elaine

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"We feel fortunate that Az Royal was available to us and for the extra steps taken to complete a beautiful finished landscape. We asked for [...]

Linda and Ed

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"Since our new home was built three years ago we have dealt with many trades and contractors. I can honestly say out of all of [...]


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"I am a third generation general contractor so I am very aware what it takes to create and complete a project that a client will [...]

Frank and Louana

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"From start to finish to follow up, our experience with Arizona Royal has been exceptional. You couldn't find a better staff. We definitely plan to [...]


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"Mike, we really appreciate your assistance in selecting the proper equipment to replace our pool pump and filter. We were very pleased with the service [...]


By |2017-03-08T23:54:47+00:00March 8th, 2017|Testimonials|

"Our backyard, which faces a golf course, was not very attractive. AZ Royal helped us to design what we are now proud to show off [...]


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"We knew that AZ Royal would be our landscaping agency based on the good things we heard from our sales agent, but even that could [...]

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