“We have always had a pool in our backyard so naturally when we decided to move to AZ we debated on what type of pool and landscape would work in this very new environment. We moved from Fresno, CA., not knowing what we needed in a hot summer environment and talked to the Robson staff. They advised that Royal was the preferred vendor so we started there. We had just traveled to Eloy and had a few days to make contacts before we had to go back to Fresno. Fortunate for us we met with a Royal representative and told him basically (very basically) what we needed and he told us that he would be able to get us a prelimanary drawing within a week. We were very pleased with the sketches and suggestions as they seemed to entail almost all of the things we required plus some very pleasing and innovative ideas that I have to say was unlike anything we have had before. We are most pleased with what was done and are totally enthalled with the design and execution of what they planned.”